Alternate title for this page: Invincinator flails about violently then injures himself. Well, Rod Black injures him with a lungblower, but that’s just semantics. The semantics of pain… I need to use that as a strip title later. For some reason around the time I was writing this strip I became possessed by an overpowering desire to draw a lungblower, so I wrote it into the script for a page that I wasn’t going to draw for like two months, which did very little to assuage that overpowering desire. It was pretty fun when I finally got around to it, though, and I’m quite pleased with how Invincinator’s reaction turned out in the last panel.

In other news, the Royal Rumble is tomorrow! Or technically later today, since it’s shortly after midnight as I’m posting this because I forgot to upload the comic because me am smrt. Anyway, the Royal Rumble means the Royal Rumble drinking game, which means myself and several of my friends will get absolutely demolished and somebody will probably die after throwing up some fashion of important internal organ. Hopefully not me, because I have to draw more comics. And so I can collect the DVDs which I will hopefully be winning in the various Royal Rumble pick ’em contests I’ve entered.

On Saturday: Can Invincinator tag out before Rod Black can capitalize? Will the Bazooka Knee be loaded up? How does one load a knee? I don’t know the answer to that last one.