This week’s strip title comes from the fact that “a Mexican hits a move with a Japanese name on a white guy for a near-fall counted by a squid-man” is kind of long. Just kind of.

John Bradley’s line in the last panel is essentially just me writing what I was thinking while trying to come up with a funny comparison for Dick the Bastard’s toughness. I have no idea how I do actual commentary without sounding like a gibbering idiot. Although I suppose that’s a matter of opinion… Anyway, that’s what I spent my afternoon doing, recording commentary for FORCE Pro Wrestling’s next DVD release, “A Show of FORCE: Return to Morinville.” There was a long bit that we had to cut that explained vampirism in the context of homosexuality, which ended on the lines “so he came out of the vampire closet?” “No, he came out of the coffin.” Several references to beards being a source of super powers were left in, however, because obviously that just makes sense.

Next Week: Uno plans to splatter Dick the Bastard all over the place like a wet numero dos.