There are three pieces of text on this page and only one of them actually makes sense, so that’s definitely the sign of a great page, right? Right? Would it help if I claimed that Blorg’s line totally makes sense if you read John Bradley’s lines on the previous page right before? No? Who am I even talking to?

This page is another one of those instances of “huh, I didn’t think it would be that hard to find a reference for something that seemingly happens every match.” In this case, somebody sitting on the top rope. And yet when I was looking for references for a German suplex, it took me all of five seconds to about ten great photos to work from. And that’s before I even cracked open a Japanese wrestling magazine! If there’s one move that one can reliably find in photos from Japan, it’s the German suplex. Those puro guys sure do love dropping each other on their necks.

Next Week: Air. Raid. Crash.