I love Japanese commentary. The only parts I understand are that “hai” means “yes” and that they like to add sounds to the end of English words to make them sound more awesome. Like “lariato” and “dropkickeru.” Relatedly, I was watching a DVD of Jushin “Thunder” Liger stuff from CMLL (I think from 2008-ish, he was teaming with No Limit) and he cuts an entire promo under the impression that the camera would only be shooting from the chest up, because he’s totally not wearing pants. He’s just got the top of his costume and red briefs on. It’s hilarious. If I can find it on YouTube, I’ll post a link to it.

Speaking of YouTube, the newest HEAT blog post features Jun Akiyama’s All Japan Pro Wrestling debut, which is a 15 minute classic with Kenta Kobashi. It sure makes WWE’s 90 second squash match debuts where the new guy uses all of his offence in a row seem even more terrible. Anyway, go check that out, because it’s a really fantastic match.

Next Week: GERMANUH SUPLEXERU. I don’t think that’s how Japanese announcers say German suplex, but how great would it be if they did? So anyway, one of those happens, and also other things as we head into the final stretch of this marathon match.