There was a big gap in between drawing HEAT 219 and 220, as I was working hard to make sure my new series, Grunts, got finished on time. It did! You can read an interview about it here. And by “can” I of course mean “should.”

You know how sometimes on here I complain about really common moves being difficult to find references for? This was the opposite. You rarely see German suplexes in North American wrestling, what with WWE’s whole shift toward not dropping people on their heads because of concussions and whatnot. Japan, on the other hand, has undergone no such shift. If they did, most of their wrestlers would be completely out of offence. In Japan, German suplexes are like dropkicks in WWE. As a result, opening any given Japanese wrestling magazine and flipping through it yields a rich bounty of reference shots from pretty much every conceivable angle. Well, the angles conceivable while being a photographer at ringside, anyway.

Next Week: A guy with a back injury is doing a move that requires a strong neck and back. But then again, the other guy also just fell on his head. It’s kind of a toss-up.