I really love spots where a guy with an injury attempts a move that he screws up because of the injury. The normal spot for a back injury is some kind of slam where the attacker ends up being unable to lift the guy and then gets axe-handled or something, but I’ve never seen a German suplex with a failed bridge due to injury. Or at least I can’t remember one. I probably have seen one and just don’t remember it, because I’ve watched more wrestling than a normal human probably should. While I was typing this I got distracted by a review of the New Japan Pro Wrestling “King of Pro Wrestling” iPPV, which I now have to buy when it comes out on DVD, because apparently Tanahashi and Suzuki had another brilliant half hour match. The stream also actually worked, which is pretty impressive considering it’s the only time I recall hearing “the stream was immaculate and there were no issues at all” in regards to a wrestling iPPV.

Also, if you’re going to be in Edmonton on the 20th-21st of October, come see me at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo! I’ll be at table D 05 in the Artist Alley with copies of HEAT, Hell, Inc. and some shiny new Grunts stuff! And maybe other stuff if I think of it and can get it prepared in time.

Next Week: Vinny LaGrazo is the result of Roderick Strong fucking Mario. I’m going to leave you to figure out what that means.