I’m on a big run of making up moves here. Naturally, all of them are pains in the ass to draw, because apparently my brain hates me. Thanks a lot, brain. Unlike the rope snap thing from last page, I think it’s pretty clear why the tiger lungblower isn’t a thing that wrestlers use, since it doesn’t seem like it would be possible to do without injuring somebody. It did give me an opportunity to make a Rice Krispies joke, though, which I enjoyed.

News time! This weekend I will be appearing at the Pure Speculation Festival in Edmonton, Alberta doing a panel talk about making comics (and also selling things). If you’re in Edmonton, you should stop by and come see the panel. Or buy things. Or both. Actually, do both.

More news time! I’ve finished drawing HEAT Volume 2, and doing a lot of the layout work. It’s weighing in at 172 pages right now, and will feature back-up stories from Ted Seko and Dean Stahl! It will hopefully be out around April of 2013.

Next Week: Can Vinny LaGrazo lock in the Sickle Hold and capture the Super Max Challenge Cup?