And we’re underway with HEAT Volume 3! We’ve jumped about six months forward in time, but I’ll be filling in some of that time over the coming months. What I can fill in now is that Evseedub is all about hexagonal elements in architecture, and that apparently energy beings have the ability to function as ring announcers.

I went to a Royal Rumble party last night. The drinking game happened. So… yeah. I know Rock won the WWE Title, and I watched it happen, but I had no idea what actually happened until I read a show recap on the Torch this morning. Also, fuck you, Dolph Ziggler. What are you doing that’s making the WWE start-stop your pushes, and why did you have to go out so quickly after Antonio Cesaro? I HAD TO DOWN TWO FULL DRINKS BECAUSE OF YOU FUCKS.

Next Week: Princess Caroline does stuff.