I don’t know why, but the frog-ish ring announcer with a crazy French moustache amuses me to no end. Also, Tiger Khan is totally not just the wrestling version of Great Tiger from Punch-Out!! That’s crazy talk. You’re crazy. NO MORE QUESTIONS.

Tiger Khan may be the first character to get an overly elaborate entrance robe, but he will absolutely not be the last. Ridiculous entrance robes are a ton of fun to draw, especially when, for the most part, I only need to draw them for a panel or two. You may notice very few wrestlers get ridiculous designs on their tights like many modern wrestlers have: it’s because I don’t want to have to draw it over and over again from many angles. A character like Randy Orton with his random-ass tribal pattern tights and his full-sleeve tattoos would make me want to bash my head against my desk.

In other news, I’m the Artist-in-Residence at Happy Harbor Comics, so on Friday and Saturday afternoons I’ll be there working on War of 1812 pages (or whatever else I end up working on), so stop by if you want to chat about HEAT or comics in general, or want any tips or critique on making your own comics.

Next Week: We go from Punch-Out!! to Street Fighter II. Richard the Lionheart isn’t a big fan of the transition.