One thing that I always enjoy in wrestling is when characters have a logically consistent offensive style. For example, Ric Flair’s finisher is the Figure Four, and so the rest of his offence is geared toward building to that move. He could slap it on at any time, but the earlier he goes for it, the easier it is for the opponent to counter it, because they aren’t worn down enough yet. He also uses stuff like the shin breaker to weaken the joint that the Figure Four attacks. Simple, logical, effective. Jack Swagger is a counter example. He uses the Ankle Lock as a finisher, and no part of his offence supports that. His big moves are amateur wrestling throws, the Vader Bomb, and the gut-wrench powerbomb. Now, if the gut-wrench powerbomb was his finisher, great, that works. All of his stuff works the back and wears the guy down enough for the intricate lift involved in the powerbomb. But to follow that with an Ankle Lock, that hasn’t been built to at all, makes no sense. You’ve spent the whole match damaging the guy’s back, and now you’re going to attack his completely uninjured ankle and expect the audience to understand when the guy taps almost immediately.

So what does that have to do with anything? Well when I was designing Dick the Bastard’s offence, I chose moves purposely that would build toward him finishing people with a running headbutt. Having him hit the ropes twice before smashing into his opponent gives a reason as to why he doesn’t just go for it constantly; he needs to be able to get his speed up to hit the knockout shot. Naturally, headbutts play a part in his offence, but I make a point to show them as being damaging but not knockouts. His actual wrestling moves are chosen knowing that his finisher attacks his opponent’s head. His signature move, the exploder, drops the opponent on their head. So does the piledriver. So do his array of suplexes and his primary chain hold, the head lock.

I guess what I’m saying is that an absurd amount of thought goes into this comic about men and/or monsters in their comics hurting each other.

Next Week: Taming tigers at the end of the world.