Spite: getting shit done since it first became a thing.

So, recent HEAT-related news! First, the web store is now a full-on thing that you can use to buy both print and digital versions of the HEAT trade paperback. Also I’m formulating plans to get the 2nd goddamn book out. Stupid printers that can’t turn things sideways. You can also get my new series Hockeypocalypse, which is awesome, because it has both hockey AND mutants.

Second, I was a guest on Jason Mann’s Wrestlespective podcast, where we talked about the 2006 ECW December To Dismember pay-per-view’s main event, the Extreme Elimination Chamber. You can get it from the Wrestlespective website or iTunes.

Next Week: Back to Evseedub for some training, and you should hit up the web store for some… just buy some stuff.