Aaaaand that’s the end of the buffer. Next week’s strip will be the first in a long while that wasn’t drawn weeks in advance of publication. It will only be drawn “week” in advance. In the time between this strip and the last one I drew, I forgot how to draw Buster Pallas. That’s a regular occurrence when I return to a comic after taking a break from drawing it, but in this case the only thing I could remember was that his head was shaped like a ham. I also usually have to remind myself how to draw the ridiculous Richard the Lionheart robe.

Remember, next week’s update will probably be on Tuesday, as Monday I’ll be flying home from Yukomicon, where I’ll be a guest. If you’re in Whitehorse (are any of you in Whitehorse? I have no idea where any of you are from. Or if you really exist), you should come say hi, and buy the lovely new Hockeypocalypse trade paperback.

Hockeypocalypse Season 1 Front Cover DTC

Next Week: The biggest match of his career that doesn’t involve a giant gorilla monster from outer space.