Tigre Espacio was designed while I was drawing the panel with the corkscrew plancha, and ended up being my favourite luchador so far. Apparently not thinking about a character design until I sit down to draw them isn’t as bad of a habit as previously thought.

Also, I announced it on the Facebook page last week, but HEAT: SUPER MAX edition is going to be out in two weeks! There will be more information on how to buy it once they’re out, but if you’re in the Edmonton area I’m going to be doing a book launch/signing at Variant Edition Comics & Culture on August 29th! If you’re in Whitehorse, YT (mathematically speaking, you are probably not), I’ll have copies for sale at Yukomicon 2015 from the 21st to the 23rd of August!

Next Week: Twins are telepaths, right? Also, mask ripping is a party foul here. Read it now on Patreon!