All right, so hopefully this autopost thing works properly. The comic isn’t showing up on the page preview, but the post databank lists the comic as being attached, so… yeah, don’t really know which one is right.

Edit: Okay, so autopost didn’t work. I have no idea WHY it didn’t work, but I just spent 12 hours drawing comics and don’t care even the slightest bit about figuring it out right now.

It only took 21 pages, but I’ve finally explained why Dick is wearing a viking helmet on the site banner and in his roster picture. And also what the point of Classic Wrestling Moments #2 was. The first Classic Wrestling Moment was done mostly as a promo image so that there was something on the site’s main page before I got the comic up and running, but also to introduce Mad Doc Crockett prior to the first scene and establish him as an experienced and successful wrestler. Once I realized how much fun it was to draw and thought a bit about its potential storytelling usefulness, I decided to use them as chapter breaks. I’ve drawn three of them so far, and have a few more written. Strangely, they’re more difficult to write than normal strips, because I have to create something that is both interesting on its own and subtley foreshadows something coming up in the following chapter.

While you’re reading this (assuming you’re reading it as it updates), I’m at Happy Harbor Comics participating in the 12 Hour Comic Challenge. I’m planning on doing a 12 page Hell, Inc. short story, but whatever I end up doing, drawing comics in a room with 23 other artists should be a blast.

On Wednesday: Who turned out the lights?