I keep writing dropkicks into matches and forgetting that they’re pretty hard to draw. Dos’ looks all right, but Uno’s is… weird. My favourite panel is the second one, though, with Dick crumpled on the floor next to the guard rail. Speaking of crumpled on the floor, I penciled page 63 last night, which features a piledriver that I’m quite pleased with.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but Los Gordinflones Negros are the second design in this series inspired by Big Van Vader. The previous instance was Wooly Bully’s elephantine entrance helmet (waaaaaay back on page 10). This one is probably a little bit more obvious, since LGN’s outfits are based on Vader’s ring gear, which, as far as I can tell, has been basically the same for the bulk of his career. And by “based on” I mean “pretty much the same except they don’t say ‘Vader’ on them”. And they have luchador masks instead of Vader’s head-jockstrap thing. And a bunch of little subtle differences only interesting to me and intellectual property lawyers.

On Saturday: Dos channels his inner Hulkamaniac.