Guess who forgot it was Wednesday because he was putting price tags on boxes of Hell, Inc. books and making photocopies for my portfolio? Me. That’s who. Fuck. Sorry, team. That’s right, we’re a team now.

The production assistant lady was a guy in the script, and actually drawn as a guy in the first panel before it occurred to me that “hey, there are like, NO female characters in this comic right now besides the ring announcer who is essentially a prop, maybe I should use this opportunity to practice drawing girls.” So then I did. Her hair is based on a girl I went on a date with a few days before I drew this comic. Other than that little tidbit, I don’t have a lot to say about this one, since it’s mostly a transition into the first match of the tag team round. Rounds? What? Take this opportunity to hit up the Super Max Challenge Cup rules refresher!

On Saturday: No comic, becasue I’ll be at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo with copies of HEAT Volume 1 and Hell, Inc. #1 and #2!