The Rey Mysterio t-shirt in the second panel has one of my favourite jokes that is way too small to be able to read on the screen. It’s a Rey Mysterio mask with 619 above it and blood leaking out of it. On the blood it says “… surgeries on my left knee.” Incidentally, I think Mysterio’s surgery quote might be the most mocked element of those WWE “don’t try this at home” videos EVER. Especially if you count my Twitter feed as a large enough sample size to determine things like that.

Also, this is the first appearance of Mad Doc Crockett in volume 3! I told you he wouldn’t be going away. He’s just in kind of a different role for a while. Don’t worry, that role still means he gets all the best jokes when he’s around.

Next Week: Classic Wrestling Moments 12, in which we learn more about the sad story of Wolfric Farnsworth. And that Dusty Trails is a prick.