I haven’t used the commentary captions in the comic since the last match, which was like a month ago, so just a reminder that the “H” is for play-by-play man Hugh Jameson and the “J” is for colour guy John Bradley.

Up until page 37, which I completed recently, this page had the dubious distinction of being the one that I pointed at and said “I really shouldn’t have tried to fit that much on this page”. The way I had pictured the Sunset Flip in my head, it would have been three vertical panels with Bully spanning all three of them and Dick in different stages of the move in each (starting the flip, passing over Bully, and then on the mat trying to pull him over). I still might use that at some point in the future, maybe if I use a Sunset Flip powerbomb at some point. For the purposes of this page, though, it just took up too much room, since the most important thing that needed to happen was the Bully setting up the China Shop. I think the multi-image motion Sunset Flip worked out just as well, in the end.

I also started rendering the transparent cube thing surrounding the ring a little differently. And the match I’m working on now has it rendered differently than this page. I figure I’ll nail down how to render the dome background shortly before I no longer need to be able to draw it.

Also, HEAT on Twitter. @HEATcomic. I have 6 followers right now. If I hit ten, bonus art! Twenty? Bonus update! Yes, I’m bribing you. I’m okay with that.

On Saturday: Edmonton Collectible Comic and Toy Show, featuring the convention debut of Hell, Inc. And Dick the Bastard takes a trip to the China Shop. Check @HEATcomic on Twitter for the preview image, which should go up a little later.