This page uses the same hatching technique in the stands as the last one, except that apparently my pencils were too light so I ended up having to go back over them anyway, thus foiling my attempt to not have to ink. Curse you, harsh realities of scanning line art!

How exactly Mad Doc Crockett managed to wander around in the bowels of the locker room, through the production area, and into the WrestleDome itself without anybody noticing that he’s not actually allowed on the premises… I dunno, what do you I look like, some kinda writer? Oh… wait. Actually, that gets addressed in the next chapter. Which will be starting next Wednesday, after Classic Wrestling Moments #7.

I picked up the new Chris Jericho DVD, Breaking The Code last week. I’m not going to go into full review territory, but you should check it out if you’re even the slightest Jericho fan. I wish the documentary part was longer, though. Not that it’s short (it clocks in at just under three hours), but there were so many stories that I would have liked to hear more about. I haven’t watched all of the matches yet, but so far, so good. The production quality on a few of the early ones is pretty bad, but considering their rarity it’s impressive that they’re in the collection at all.

On Saturday: Mad Doc Crockett makes his Galactic Wrestling debut as a masked menace with a stupid name.