There was originally a longer explanation of the Dr. Pain character being carried over from Doc’s time in Lucha Libre del Muerte, but it got cut to tighten up the narration a little bit. So now you know that Dr. Pain was Mad Doc Crockett’s character in Lucha Libre del Muerte, which is a lucha libre promotion that will probably show up at some point later on. I came up with it early on, but didn’t really know what to do with it until at some point I got the idea it would be hilarious for Dick the Bastard to have a Mexican persona called El Bastarde. It’s less hilarious when I say it out loud, but I don’t care, it’s the kind of stupid that I enjoy.

The design for Dr. Pain is pretty much the same design as young Doc (who we’ve seen several times now), but with a mask and a shorter beard. His mask details are a little obscured here, but it’s basically a standard lucha mask with a big blood drop on the forehead. I remember liking the idea of him having a taped elbow, since wrestlers rack up injuries pretty routinely. The creature throwing Doc out of the ring is named Lobstroso, because I inexplicably enjoy characters with awful names. And the idea of a big fat lobster monster who has to wear oversized mittens so his claws don’t cut people in half also struck me as very enjoyable. I think I might use him again in a flashback, because he’s fun to draw.

The stage design for the arena, which is sort of a precurser to the WrestleDome, is based on the very first HEAT strip, Classic Wrestling Moments #1.

Also, I checked out PWA’s annual Fright Night show last night. Expect a review in the next couple of days.

On Wednesday: The WrestleDome is waaay easier to draw full than empty. It’s kind of ridiculous.