And here we are at the first Pay-Per-View event in HEAT! Which, if it’s a traditional three hour PPV, we’re going to see about two minutes of. It’s a good thing this is free on the internet and not a $54.95 PPV with only one good match. ZING.

Shots at Bragging Rights aside, this page taught me that the WrestleDome is a lot easier and a lot more fun to draw when it’s packed full of fans than when it was empty. I had just finished reading Jarrett Williams‘ delightful graphic novel, Super Pro K.O., just before I started drawing this page, and I managed to take a lot of crowd-drawing techniques from it. If you like HEAT, I recommend checking out SPKO. It definitely goes in a different direction, both stylistically and content-wise, but it’s a lot of fun and a great read. The only downside is that there’s only one volume out so far.

Well that got a bit tangent-y. Art Donaghy and Super Destructo II were designed mostly on the fly, with some quick sketches on the script pages being the only pre-production work on them. Art may have gone a little to far in the cartoony direction, which is probably a little bit of SPKO influence seeping in. I also snuck Art and SDII’s caption icons into their names on the little graphic in front of them.

GalactiBrawl might be the most half-assed PPV name I could have come up with.

Also, head over to Pro Wrestling Ponderings to check out my newest cartoon, this time featuring Sheamus.

On Saturday: Gorilla Typhoon. He’s old and very adamant that camera six get back up and running. Or else.