Updating on Saturdays seemed like a much better idea when it wasn’t hockey season. Which, if you aren’t Canadian and/or a hockey fan, means Hockey Night in Canada on CBC.

I’m usually pretty aware of how many words I’m putting on a page during the script phase, which leads me to believe that I had acquired some sort of head injury around the time I wrote this one. Incidentally, two and a half lines in WordPerfect doesn’t look like a lot, but is in fact a shit-ton of words to cram into a panel. Which explains Mad Doc Crockett’s wall of text in the third panel. The thumbnails had about two-thirds of his body visible in that panel.

I figured out the HEAT Christmas special yesterday, so I’ll be starting that soon. Hopefully it turns out as amusing as it is in my head.

On Wednesday: Who spotted Doc? And can he convince them that he’s really named Phil and drove the spaceship?