I have watched a whooole lotta live wrestling in since the last update, readers. On Saturday I was in Morinville with FORCE Pro Wrestling’s inaugural card, which turned out very well, then on Monday I was in attendance for WWE RAW in Edmonton. CM Punk and John Cena main eventing RAW may have been great on TV, but live it was fucking mind-blowing. I can only imagine what it would have been like to be in the crowd for their matches at Money In The Bank or SummerSlam. I was also surprised how poorly the crowd noise translated from the arena to television.

Simple moves that are difficult to draw part ten thousand: suplexes. The landing was a lot more difficult than the lifting part. But we’re finally back to the second round of the Super Max Challenge, in which Vinny LaGrazo and Rod Black are taking on Wildman Harris and “Pretty Boy” Paul Meyers.

On Saturday: Rod Black tags in and attempts to put the “Pretty Boy” away.