Today’s update is early because I’m going to PWA: Fruition tonight, so I’ll be too busy watching Harry (David Hart) Smith defend the PWA Heavyweight Title against Chavo Guerrero Jr to update later on. Look for the show review on that one in the next few days.

It’s surprisingly difficult to find reference material for a guy getting clotheslined in the corner, which seems very strange to me since it happens in pretty much every match featuring a guy over 250 pounds, and it’s not exactly infrequent amongst smaller guys either. It’s also difficult to draw one of the most cut guys in the match as smaller than other people, even though he is. Apparently watching WWE for years has led me to consider muscle mass and muscle definition as the same thing.

In non-HEAT-related news, I recently watched what may very well by my new favourite tag team match of all time, which I recommend you check out: it’s Ricky Marvin and Kotaro Suzuki defending the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship against the Briscoe Brothers from ROH Invades Japan Volume 1 (available from Rudo Reels, who are a great source of affordable wrestling!) They also have quite a few contests on Twitter for free stuff, so check ’em out.

Next Saturday: Johnny Law picks on somebody his own size. Sort of.