I keep writing in flying cross bodies without remembering that they’re actually pretty difficult to draw, particularly the landing. Good job, me. Then again, I recently drew a powerbomb/cross body combination, so compared to that a normal cross body is pretty pedestrian stuff. I also really like the over-the-post isometric angle that I used in the first panel, which ECW used to use on TV in some of their venues. I’m not sure why it didn’t get used more often, as it’s a pretty unique angle compared to the standard wrestling TV shots. At some point during a FORCE Pro Wrestling production meeting I’m probably going to try to convince somebody that we should use it, if we happen to run a venue that supports it.

Speaking of live pro wrestling, if you missed it earlier this week I posted a review of PWA Fruition 2012, which was headlined by Harry Smith defending the PWA Heavyweight Championship against Chavo Guerrero Jr. You can see the match in it’s entirety right here!

On Saturday: I fought the Law, and it ended up in a shape closely resembling a pancake. Then it tried to tag out. I tried to come up with some sort of syrup joke but they all sounded dirty.