There was a John Bradley line that got cut from this strip because I forgot about it while I was doing the pencils and didn’t leave room for it. Thanks to the magic of the internet, though, you can see it right here! It would have gone in the second last panel.

JOHN/caption: I think that’s the only way Invincinator is ever going to shoulder block anybody in the chest, short of signing in the midget league.

Part of why I forgot about the caption box was because of how hard it was to fit everything onto this page while still making it all make sense, as it turns out a guy snagging himself on the top rope while trying to jump over it is hard to fit into a page when you also need to be able to fit in, y’know, other things. Like the low shoulder block that I totally didn’t steal from Masato Tanaka. Yeah, okay, I’m basically the WWE Superstar of wrestling webcomics: I steal all of my cool moves from Japan. Incidentally, I’m watching New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Wrestle Kingdom VI on DVD right now, and the production value that they get out of their dome shows must give Vince McMahon video screen envy.

On Saturday: Chicanery! Shenanigans! Tomfoolery! Cheating. Cheating is what it’s called.