Early update today, as I’m headed off to Real Canadian Wrestling’s Goldrush event tonight at the Glengarry Community Hall in Edmonton.

I’ve always been a fan of tag teams using the “twin” switch as a heel tactic, which was part of the reason why Los Gordinflones Negros were designed to look alike, the other reason being that I also really like teams where the members’ names are numbers, which requires that the members look alike to make any sense. There’s also a bit of a nod to the absurdity of the referee never noticing that “twins” frequently have their name written on their gear, or some other really obvious identifying feature. I didn’t want to go as far on the crazy scale as what I saw the WWF do with Demolition, on occasion, where after adding Crush to the team they would swap out members in the middle of match despite all three guys looking completely different.

On Saturday: Can Invincinator battle back from Los Gordinflones Negros’ switch, or will be be splatterfied by the Fatties?