I frequently write spots that don’t seem particularly onerous to draw, then I sit down to draw them and realize that I grossly underestimated the difficulty level of something like, say, this buckle bomb. Powerbombs are fairly straightforward to draw, but adding in the pivot and the impact in the corner increased the difficulty more than anticipated. And when in doubt, have the commentary team play amateur physician.

I finished writing volume 2 of HEAT the other day, and, uh, that ending isn’t coming any time soon. This is page 193, so we’ve got about 40 pages left to go. Oof. This is going to take a while. At least once school finishes in about a month I’ll be able to draw more.

Also, look for an RCW show review coming up in the next few days, for those of you who like those.

On Saturday: How do you follow a powerbomb into the turnbuckles? MOAR POWERBOMB.