I reeeeeally love how this page turned out. Usually when I get big ideas like the middle panel’s multi-image motion powerbomb/flying cross body combination the actual drawing of said ideas makes me hate my past self for coming up with it. This one went unusually smoothly, even the cross body landing which I have learned from experience is difficult to get right.

My friend Jay is going to be annoyed at me as a result of this page, as he was the one who won the contest way back when and created Invincinator. On the other hand, he can’t get TOO mad, since Invincinator was only supposed to show up in a brief cameo on page 37 and then ended up being present throughout the entire second book. I’m not going to miss having to draw his crazy Dragonball Z hair, though. Not at all.

On Saturday: We’re back to even strength at 3 wrestlers a piece. Who can secure the advantage? And will new spatula technology be required to peel Invincinator off of theĀ  mat?