I have no idea if the fake-Japanese symbol I came up with for “fud” actually means anything, but I’m sure I’ll get angry and/or confused emails if it does. My favourite part of this page, though, was getting to draw Mad Doc Crockett as Dr. Pain. Doc’s finisher is the Cobra Clutch, but I like to show him beating people with a variety of submission holds. I like it when wrestlers don’t always win with their finisher, because it  makes other moves seem a lot more dangerous. In this case, Doc Crockett is busting out the horse collar stretch, which I think is an underutilized move, because it’s super simple but it looks REALLY painful.

Also, my War of 1812 comic reached the end of Chapter 1 last week. Go read it and give my publisher excuses to give me more money.

Next Week: Back to the present! Which, for us, is the future. So… I’m confused now. Just come back next week to read more.