And the titles continue to be really goofy. And speaking of things that really hurt (thanks for the segue, line that I wrote over a month ago), I’m watching my AJPW History of the Triple Crown collection as I type up this news post, and holy shit does Misawa look like he’s in pain. He doesn’t look like he’s selling, either. He’s defending against Johnny Ace, who’s actually a perfectly serviceable wrestler, but they’re definitely not quite on the same page in this bout from 1998. Ace is past his prime, and his timing has been off a few times. Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal, but when his timing is off on moves that mostly involve hurling people head first at the mat, it’s bad. The match was telling a pretty cool story until Misawa fell awkwardly on an Ace Crusher from the apron to the floor. It looked like he jammed his collarbone, which seemed to bother him for the rest of the match, to the point where the post-match medical crew made a point of checking it out as soon as they hit the ring. It was a decent match, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it. Both guys have had much better matches.

Also, Edmonton Expo is September 28th and 29th. I’ll be at the Renegade Arts Entertainment booth with a set of Expo-exclusive prints as well as copies of Hockeypocalypse #1! Stop by, say hi, and pick up a print, a book, or even grab a customized sketch! The possibilities are endless, if you ignore what the word endless means.

Next Week: LARIATOOOOO. Also, other stuff.