I watched the 2014 Royal Rumble last night with a group of friends, and we all got very, very drunk. I checked out what people were saying about the Rumble on the internet afterward, which was a mistake. Some of you internet folks really need to relax and keep in mind that WWE doesn’t have to do what you want them to. SHOULD they capitalize on Daniel Bryan being as over as any babyface they’ve had in a decade? Probably. Will you crying about it on the internet force them to bend to your will? No. So relax. Find something you ENJOY watching. I stopped watching every Oilers game because they just made me angry.

In other news, I need to get caught up scanning HEAT pages again. I keep forgetting about it because I’m in the process of drawing Hockeypocalypse 3, and I need to make sure it’s done by the first week of March so it will be ready in time for Emerald City Comic Con, because I needs to get me some more work.

Next Week: It took almost 300 pages to do a scene that looks like a Monday Night RAW segment. TROPHY, PLEASE.