At no point in working on HEAT, until about five seconds ago, did I ever think I would have a Dead Poets Society joke in the comic in any context. Mostly because I typically forget that movie exists until it gets brought up in classes.

I use a lot of photo reference to help me draw the moves, and sometimes finding the right reference for what I’m trying to draw is a huge pain in the ass. For example, any time I want reference for somebody standing on the top rope, I pretty much have to try to take those photos myself at live shows, because finding them online is more hassle than it’s worth. Back suplexes, on the other hand, take roughly ten seconds looking at a Japanese wrestling magazine to find references from 17 different angles. I’m pretty sure it would take less effort to find a picture of a back suplex where somebody was on fire in a Japanese wrestling mag than it took me to find reference for the Bossman Slam on And that’s keeping in mind that Wade Barrett’s new finisher is the Bossman Slam. Madness.

Also, if you’re in Edmonton, check out the Edmonton Collectible Toy and Comic Show on April 1st at the Shaw Conference Centre, where I’ll be hanging out with the Open Door Comics crew. Bring money and buy books.

Next Saturday: I fought the Law and I’m seriously running out of Law puns, you guys. Johnny Law is involved.