The stage direction for Caroline in the first panel was that she shoved Dick “like Elaine from Seinfeld.” Elaine’s weird enraged shove while yelling “GET OUT” when hearing good news might be one of the most iconic mannerisms in my television-watching childhood. The phrase “old balls” has nothing to do with my television watching childhood, but was instead a phrase one of my twenty-something friends used to refer to her slightly older twenty-something friends.

Incidentally, Dick’s t-shirt design exists because when I was drawing this page, Brock Lesnar was either in the middle of or had just ended one of his sporadic WWE runs. I can’t remember now. I write the start and end dates of each page on the actual piece of paper, but it’s like twelve feet away, so nuts to that.

Next Week: Caroline shares many traits with Elaine from Seinfeld. Okay, just one, but she has many levels of it.