This page was really hard to lay out. I wanted more of an establishment of comparative position of everybody, but space-wise I couldn’t really figure out how to fit it in and still have the back drop be the focal point. The back drop was a lot easier than I expected it to be, since usually simple moves end up being more difficult to draw. Which is the line I’m sticking to until I end up having to draw a phoenix splash or something ridiculous like that. If I do, it’ll probably end up being a splash page (ba dum bum pssh!) for the sake of my sanity.

Page 93 is up next, and will be the last page of HEAT’s first year. There will be a Christmas special (which will probably go up before Christmas, since it’s done already and I probably won’t want to post it on Christmas Day), but other than that HEAT will be on a short break until early January (you’ll know the exact date when I do).

Incidentally, if anybody out there is interested in doing some HEAT fan art, send it my way and I’ll post it up on the site during my break.

On Wednesday: Apparently prison doctors are only slightly more competent than Doc Crockett.