Writing commentary has to be one of my favourite parts of the writing process, entirely because of weird bits of dialogue like this page’s exchange between The Blorg and John Bradley. Because why would a creature without a spine know about the importance of spines to vertebrate creatures during a wrestling match?Other than being a former professional wrestler. Seems like somebody would have mentioned to him along the way in his career that the back is a good place to injure on a vertebrate. I’m thinking that perhaps The Blorg wasn’t all that good of a wrestler.

Uno’s low dropkick in the last panel might be the best dropkick I’ve drawn in the entire series so far, and I didn’t even use reference for it. I think learning may have occurred at some point in the process of drawing this series! Snapmares are also much easier to draw when the characters involved are kind of the same size.

Also, RAW 1000. Holy shit it’s good so far. As I’m posting this, the wedding of AJ and Daniel Bryan is underway. To someone not watching WWE, that sentence probably seemed really bizarre.

Next Week: Dick the Bastard does something he CAN do, but SHOULDN’T do, according to the referee. He argues this point.