And thus concludes the match, and Smashmouth Smith’s championship reign. The king is dead, long live the king!

I really need to get drawing, as I’ve only got one week left on the buffer. Well, more accurately I need to get drawing HEAT, I’ve been drawing quite a bit. Since the last HEAT strip, I’ve drawn 21 pages (and counting) of Hockeypocalypse 6, which is the third issue that will be included in the forthcoming Hockeypocalypse Season 2 book. It will also be available digitally as a single issue via comiXology. A lot of you have been buying Hockeypocalypse that way, which is awesome. For those of you who like print collections, it’ll be out early next year. Possibly as early as January, but definitely in time for convention season resuming for me in April. Convention season might be incredibly busy, but more on that later.

Next Week: Classic Wrestling Moments #16, in which there are some luchadors. Check it out on Patreon now!